In the pursuit of progress and development of Green Collar Vets re-training and development programs and work for Veterans it should only be expected that I find myself bumping into other individuals who are focused on doing the same. I think there was a quote about flocking birds or something that speaks to that. Needless to say I have met and talked with several amazing people from all over the country who are doing their part to ensure that when Veterans are deployed, return from that deployment and then transition back into civilian life, that they feel the love and support that is deserved.
One such organization that I am supporting and fundraising for is GallantFew, a non-profit started by a retired Army Ranger who focuses on mitigating and overcoming many of the obstacles associated with moving out of the military. Topics such as unemployment, underemployment, homelessness and suicide are their primary focus and they have developed some excellent programs designed to respond quickly and accurately to the problems of our Veterans. GallantFew shows their understanding for the needs of Veterans who return home and find themselves feeling isolated after having left the teamwork and comradery that the military provides by offering a program they call 1st Saturdays. This is an informal event designed to engage Veterans within the same community to come together for networking and a general sense of support.
Another event that we at Green Collar Vets are proud to support is the Run Ranger Run ( that GallantFew supports each year since it was created by Cpl Cory Smith upon his return from his second combat tour. Cpl Smith had finished up a deployment that included the loss of several friends and the decline of his marriage back home. Feeling that this is something many Veterans face he decided to bring attention to his situation by running the 565 miles from his base back to his home to hold his daughter and raise support for the long road home that many Veterans face. Every year since GallantFew has put on Run Ranger Run events all over the country to raise support for our nation’s heroes. I will be fundraising for this event from here in Afghanistan and I hope you visit their page on Crowdrise to donate and help us reach our goal! (
In addition to clicking a few links and showing your support I ask and hope that you might also share this blog with others so that the requests for support will reach just a little bit farther, thank you and till we meet again this is your 1 Green Marine coming to you from Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

p.s. Here is this week’s Push4Likes video with a shout out to GallantFew (!/photo.php?v=4762756200361) enjoy!